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18650 Lithium Battery Pack

Art No: FS-LBP001

A, 18650 Lithium Battery Pack.

B, Capacity:  can be customized; Voltage:  3.7V/7.4V/11.1V/12V/14.8V(can be customized).

C, Product features:
1. High quality A cell, high capacity, low internal resistance, can discharge in A large current.
2. Stable performance and long cycle life: after 500 times of continuous charge and discharge power, the battery capacity shall not be less than 85% of the rated capacity.
3. No memory effect: it can be charged and discharged at any time.
4. High safety: overcharged and overdischarged protection.
5 Environmental protection requirements: SGS, CE. MSDS. UN 38.3, UL, etc.
6. Short delivery period, reasonable price, perfect service and in place.
7. Applicable products: mobile power supply, security, mining lamps, safety alarm, medical devices, and other electronic digital products.

D, Welcome to contact us anytime to customize what you wanted.

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